Name: Jonathan Pires          Age: 24


Favorite movies:

  • Her
  • Grave of the Fireflies
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy


  • A lot of AMC
  • A lot of the CW
  • Generally too much television


My name is Jonathan Pires.  I guess it is my good fortune that you stumbled across my little website here.  For the past few years, I have been obsessed with movies.  At first, it was a very shallow love, simply admiring the explosions and special effects of Hollywood blockbusters.  Over time though, I began to look at films more critically.  It started to take more than Optimus Prime and scantily clad women to peak my interest. 


I started to develop opinions about the movies I was watching, and critical ones at that.  Every time I finished a movie, I wanted to tell whoever I was with how I felt about it.  I began taking film classes and learning how films were made.  Friends and family began to look for my opinion of films.  This slow progression from mindless movie-watcher to thoughtful cinema critic led me to the place I am now.


My intentions for creating this place of criticism are to thoughtfully (and sometimes sarcastically) let fellow movie-goers know whether or not movies are worth their time.  I do not expect every person who reads a review to agree with me.  I am simply here to let you know what I think of films in a simple and coherent manner.  Whether or not you see a movie is frankly up to you. 


With time and money being two things people hate to waste, I thought I may be able to provide a service to help people save them.  My hope is that people can spend two minutes here, reading my reviews, to save them two hours of sitting through a dreadful movie, $11.00 poorer. 


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"Tom Cruise may be in shape but his back isn't that strong.  Despite jaw-dropping visuals, the film just can't get past being extremely average.  Borrowing from other movies is flattering if you actually put it to good use but insulting when you use it, well, like this.  Go watch "Moon" instead."


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