Here it is folks.  The heart of my little website.  My hope is that by reading these reviews, I can either open your eyes up to awesome movies that you'll never forget or save you some of that hard earned cash along with two hours of your life.  Enjoy!!!


I also have a section for old(er) movies if you care to look.

"Tom Cruise may be in shape but his back isn't that strong.  Despite jaw-dropping visuals, the film just can't get past being extremely average.  Borrowing from other movies is flattering if you actually put it to good use but insulting when you use it, well, like this.  Go watch "Moon" instead."

"Unless shooting gangsters and robbing chicken joints is standrad fare for you, this is definitely not your typical spring break movie.  From what appears to be another party movie comes a refreshing take on how to take hold of life seen through the eyes of a bored college student who simply wants something more than Kentucky.  A visual punch to the face that you won't soon forget!"

"Gamers unite!!!  The tribute you didn't know you were waiting for is here.  Attempting to defy convention, Ralph explores multiple worlds reminscent to your favorite games to show that he is not such a bad guy.  One for the whole family."

"More like uneccessary and drawn-out, Oz doesn't even come close to its predecessor.  For all of its visual pizzaz, the film just lacks the imagination that made the original so memorable.  Fear not though, because if you are unfortunate enough to watch it, you will be briefly treated to a monkey in a bellhop uniform.  Money well spent."

"This film is a thief in more ways than one.  It suffers from a lame script which is a shame considering Bateman and McCarthy's aptitude for being hilarious.  That combined with the 'been-here-done-that" story and you have a recipe for regret.  Do yourself a favor and wait for this one on Redbox."

"Eating brains has never been this romantic.  Please don't make the mistake of thinking this is some kind of weak 'Twilight' attempt or you'll be sorely mistaken.  Brimming with charm and just enough genre bending to make it fresh, 'Warm Bodies' stands out in the plethora of mediocre movies."

"Affleck returns as actor/director in this hostage flick that is as much comedy as it is suspense.  Despite the long run time, the movie flew by with its well-paced story-telling and hilarious cast played by Goodman and Arkin.  I don't want to build it up but check it out for yourself.  You won't be disappointed."

"You know the ending, so what's the point of watching it?  Well, besides a phenomenal performance by Jessica Chastain and enough suspense to actually keep you guessing, this movie would be a shame to miss.  The trailer does not do it justice but don't let that ruin it for you.  ZDT is worthy of its Oscar nom."

"This is not your run of the mill cop movie.  Gyllenhaal and Pena give a realistic performance of two cops who get in way over their head.  Full of suspense, action and charm, you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next grim crime scene.  Check it out!!"

"Crazy never looked this good!!!  Cooper and Lawrence pull you into their messed up world and make you rethink everything you thought about mental illness without being preachy or self-righteous.  Guaranteed you will feel awkward and you'll love every minute of it.  A must-see!!!"

"Balancing slavery, humor, blood and more charisma than you're accustomed to, Quentin Tarantino creates another homerun with 'Django Unchained', the tale about a slave and his journey to find the love of his life."

"Have you ever had the urge to watch a movie about a ship-wrecked boy and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker?  You have?  Great!!!  If you're having any reservations about seeing this movie, don't.  It's a pleasure to watch and the ending is one of the best in film in recent memory.  Besides, watching this movie is as easy a Pi."

"Despite the plot being more than transparent, 'Pitch Perfect' excels with its hilarious cast and catchy song mash-ups that make for a damn good movie.  And if you're lucky, you'll have 'I Saw the Sign' stuck in your head by the end of it."

"You may be hesistant to see this film considering it is all about Santa and friends fighting the Boogeyman but if you give it a chance, you might find that feeling again that made believing in Santa so much fun.  And Santa has swords."

"The Possession" is not breakthrough stuff.  Movies like it have been made before and will continue to be made.  The one thing that makes it stand out in a boring crowd is the believable performances done by the cast as well as the chemistry they all have with one another.  If you have some cash with nothing else to do, give it a try.

"Who knew a movie about bicycles could be this entertaining?  As far as a summer movie goes, this is pretty much what they're all about: amazing action scenes, witty characters, and a movie that just lets you have fun."

"Not only an excellent superhero film but an even better film all around.  Batman was in the capable hands of Christopher Nolan who created an epic finale to one of film's great trilogies."

"Arguably better than Maquire's version, 'The Amazing Spiderman' sets the pace right with a good blend of humor, drama, and action.  It takes a darker approach to the Spiderman universe and creates a story that actually makes you care about what's going on, something lacking in the previous installment."

"Although it does take a chance with a new and creative story, it ultimately fails with a rushed pace and overall poor performance from the entire cast.  Abe, stick to your day job."


"Seth MacFarlane, creator of 'Family Guy', breaks into the big screen with an adorable yet equally disgusting and hilarious teddy bear that every man now wishes he had."

"Not one of Pixar's greatest, but a worthy Pixar movie nonetheless.  Because let's face it; the worst Pixar movie is still better than most other films."

"'That’s My Boy' defies expectations and really stands out as one of Sandler’s better movies since his untimely downfall. And remember, when I say expectations, I mean none. If anything, take that from this review."

"Much like Ridley's first venture into sci-fi, 'Prometheus' gets it right with its excellent blend of story, characters, and thrills.  A must-see summer movie."

"This Snow White doesn't dance, sing, or play with small woodland creatures...and that's a good thing."

"Despite a promising setting like Chernobyl, this movie will make you want to stick your head in a nuclear reactor."

"Stays true to the source material and helps bring to life the characters that have become beloved by the fans.  Definitely worth your time, fan of the books or not."

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely shines in a movie that shouldn't be funny, considering it's about cancer.  Despite its premise, this film flawlessly mixes humor with authentic emotion, making it a movie worthy of your time."

"Starts off slow but leaves you ultimately glad you waited.  For those with the patience, you will be rewarded with some top-notch car scenes along with some pretty extreme 'really in your face, you didn't see that coming' violence." 

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"Tom Cruise may be in shape but his back isn't that strong.  Despite jaw-dropping visuals, the film just can't get past being extremely average.  Borrowing from other movies is flattering if you actually put it to good use but insulting when you use it, well, like this.  Go watch "Moon" instead."


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